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Welcome to the Huxnet world

After some considerable time and thought I have decided to attempt to produce my own web site. Now the summer has long gone and the nights are longer I am sure that I will be able to devote my time to this task. It will be slow as I am on a learning curve but with the help of Adrian I am starting as the phase goes ' to build my web site'.

I don't consider myself as a particularly outgoing person, although not everyone would agree with me,  I do find this quite a challenge. so, here goes, I do like a challenge.

Travelling is a particular interest for me. Whether it be caravanning with the wife, long distance bike rides or trips away with the friends to not so popular destinations in the past such as the Shetland Isles in January and this coming January 2012 a visit to the Isle of Man. More will be in a list of topics on the Hobbies page.

When I retired I considered I would have more time to myself. Somehow it hasn't worked out quite like that my wife seems to have an endless list of tasks to be completed, preferably by yesterday.


I was a member of the Lands' End to John o' Groats club, having completed this ride in 2006.

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